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Haf Moon Bay to Santa Cruz Paddle for Jacob’s Heart Childrens Cancer Association

On July 26th, 2015, a never before attempted paddle will take place in outrigger canoes with the sole purpose of making a stand for children with cancer. 24 racing paddlers from Outrigger Santa Cruz will come together in Northern California and paddle from Half Moon Bay, California to Santa Cruz, California.

In no way is this a small feat. Nor is the challenge that these amazing young kids and their families face each day when battling a disease that alters their lives forever. As paddlers, we do not want to be sitting on the beach when there is an opportunity to make a difference.

Outrigger Santa Cruz has joined together with Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Association to create an opportunity for these kids to have a brighter future. With your help, we can make a difference. With your help, we can make a future filled with hope, dreams, and big smiles. With your donation, you are making a stand with us. A stand that says “no more taking away the innocence in these children. No more taking away their future. No more taking away the opportunity for these kids to dream and to make those dreams come true”.

5 Beaches 2015 Surfski Race

POV footage of the annual 5 Beaches surfski race taking place 30km south of Durban. The race starts just south of the Umkomaas river mouth. Paddlers come in through the surf at 5 beaches, running around rocks on the beach each time before heading back out to sea. This years race coincided with the annual Sardine Run. Paddlers paddled through schools of teaming sardines and the sea was thick with feeding sharks.

Broken Paddle Self Rescue

What would you do if your paddle got damaged out at sea?

Here is one suggestion from us that may help you get out of this situation. Watch the video and try it out next time you are on water. It is very easy to do. Make yourself familiar with this great skill and you will have a simple action plan ready in case your paddle got damaged.

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Surfski Education Team!